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Agile Coach

Agile Coach, Entrepreneur, Author and Game Developer.

With a strong technical expertise and a taste for design, I've had the opportunity to lead teams of creative people through development of innovative projects.

Interactive Medias “Artisan",

I've been eager to transform my studio into an autonomous organisation, and since then I help other studios and start-ups in bringing the changes required for their evolution.

Well aware that putting theories into practice can only be achieved when everyone onboard has committed to the ground principles, and that there is a specific angle for every team and project, I in favour of pragmatic approach, which allows everyone to commit to necessary changes, individually and as a team.

I've also published several training courses on developing video games, putting in practice both Object Oriented Programming principles and Agile Methodologies.

Holistic Coach


Teams (Agile)

Entrepreneurial (Lean Startup)

Facilitator between designers, developers and clients.

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